The Art of Getting Kids to Talk: Ask, Listen & Respond

An important element of helping others feel understood is letting them know that they’ve been heard.

As a child and family psychologist, my superpower is active listening. Paraphrasing my patients’ key words, reflecting their feeling, and giving interpretations are just a few skills that I emplore to let them know that I heard the essence of what they’re communicating.  Continue reading “The Art of Getting Kids to Talk: Ask, Listen & Respond”

Welcome to the Kuloko Blog – a place committed to the emotional wellbeing of your family

Mental health is a critical piece of a child’s overall health. Kuloko Co. is designed to support the emotional and mental health of children while involving the entire family.

Mentally healthy children are more equipped to reach developmental and emotional milestones, as stated by the CDC. They are also more likely to develop healthy coping skills, growing into well rounded adults. Just like learning to read, or ride a bike, implementing healthy emotional practices from a young age can be very beneficial.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 children aged 13-18 have, or will have, a serious mental illness. We are extremely passionate about both the prevention of mental illness, as well as overall emotional wellness.

Mother & child talking on the bed while the child smiles happily.
Here, in the Kuloko Co. Blog, you’ll find additional resources, personal stories, and further insight into how to make the most of a Kuloko kit.

In this particular article, we’ll discuss:
– why Kuloko Co. was started
– what to expect when joining
– who Kuloko Kits are for
– how to make the most of the journey

Why Kuloko Co. came to existence

This passion project began as a collaborative idea by husband and wife Gerald and Crystal back in 2020.

As a child and family clinical phycologist, Gerald has long been interested in how he could better involve his pediatric patients. One idea was to offer at-home activities to help teach children & their caretakers complex psychological concepts in a digestible way. Crystal comes from an event and project management background, and has provided direction and much needed guidance in bringing Kuloko Co. to life.

Together, these loving parents have worked for over a year to ensure Kuloko Co. brings forth effective tools to increase emotional intelligence, deepen relationships, and facilitate resilience.

Mother & child talking on the bed while the child smiles happily.

What to expect when joining Kuloko

To become part of the Kuloko family is to take the first step toward growing a better understanding of emotional well-being for the entire family.

Members receive the opportunity to achieve emotional growth as a family through activities delivered straight to the door as well as exclusive access to online resources and communities.

Additional perks include: improved knowledge around emotions and how they impact daily lives, skills to navigate emotions, increased compassion, opportunities to grow from difficult situations and disagreements.

There are 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription options, each offering a curated kit dedicated to a specific emotion. Each kit is delivered directly.

Check out this page for more insight to the specifics of how to order, as well as what’s included in each kit.

Preview of the contents of the calm kit including a map, trading card, activities, and journal.

Who Kuloko is designed to benefit

Kuloko kits were designed to guide the 9-11 age range, when children are becoming more aware of the complex emotions, develop a sense of right and wrong, and may be exposed to peer pressure.

While this is a general suggestion, it is crucial to remember each child is unique and develops at their own pace. Some kits may require additional guidance from caretakers.

Regardless of the specific age range, the content inside each kit is beneficial to all ages.

Kids playing together in a classroom setting.

How to make the most of the Kuloko journey

Each kit that is delivered directly will include specific instructions for the items included. The more familiar a caretaker is with the contents of a kit, the more involved they may be in encouraging the child to engage.

Generally, each kit includes reading content, hands on activities, and additional items such as trading cards to collect.

As mentioned, every box is dedicated to a specific emotion. Included inside are resources to offer a deeper understanding as well as practices to put into place when that particular emotion arises. Additionally, each kit and emotion is represented by a different animal. This helps children relate to the content in a friendly way. It also creates a more digestible understanding of the complexity of the emotion.

Added resources will be found online on our website as well as here on the blog. We also encourage members to subscribe to our email list to receive exclusive offers and insights for being part of the Kuloko family.

Following us on social media will offer further content around emotional wellness. We are currently active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Caretaker and child working together on an assignment.

Still have questions about Kuloko? Check out our FAQ page for more insight.

We are honestly beyond thrilled to have you here, interested in all Kuloko has to offer. Sign up for our email list to learn more, receive important updates, and exclusive offers — we promise it’ll be worth the subscription!

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