We’re passionate about emotional wellness and the prevention of mental illness.
Our goal is to help every family have effective tools that will help facilitate resilience. We selected our play products and activities to make social-emotional learning fun. Our purpose is to help you grow and learn as a family so that you can overcome the many challenges of life.

Our Story

“The idea of Kuloko Kits sparked at 3 a.m.”

Gerald is a child and family clinical psychologist with a bachelor’s in business. He is passionate about building child and family resilience through his clinical practice; however, he wasn’t satisfied with how therapy was being delivered to his pediatric patients. He would always incorporate to play to teach children and parents psychological concepts and constructs. That way, his sessions with younger children were therapeutic.

Crystal has project management background, but she is a natural designer and a builder of companies. She makes ordinary things extraordinary. In the process, she delivers exceptional results and remarkable outcomes. Her work has been featured multiple times in wedding and event magazines. Crystal constantly worries about the emotional wellness of all children.

Crystal and Gerald are married to each other. They are blessed with three healthy children.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 happened. Children and families in communities across the globe started to suffer more depression, anxiety and stress. The idea of Kuloko kits sparked at 3 a.m. with an idea to help children and families with their emotional distress.

“Crystal and Gerald built Kuloko on the concept of providing children and families with opportunities that were therapeutic but not therapy.”

Kuloko offers products and information that is grounded in evidence-based practices. They designed their kits to increase emotional intelligence, deepen relationships, and facilitate resilience.

Kuloko in the Wild


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